When Chefs Compete...You Win!

Culinary Competitions International (CCI) was established with one purpose in mind: to increase the worldwide consumption of our clients commodity or product.
Whether you are marketing your product domestically or abroad, today’s consumers wish to be informed and ultimately convinced of why your product is unique.
Increase Consumption
Recipe and culinary competitions are an exciting and effective way to reinforce the positive attributes of your commodity, and in doing so, increase consumption.

Our Clients

Our clients include U.S. and international agriculture commodity boards, restaurant chains, major food manufacturers as well as food and beverage associations around the globe.
US & Intl' Ag Commodity Boards
Global Restaurant Chains

Major Food manufacturers
Food & Beverage Associations

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide our clients with turnkey, world-class culinary competitions. Our events feature your product or commodity for the purpose of expanding brand awareness and increasing consumption domestically and/or internationally.
  • 1 Marketing

    CCI is an American company focused on your organization's sales and marketing success in all of your export markets. We have created an extensive network around the world to help us accomplish a broad range of marketing initiatives to help you maximize your export marketing budgets and build lasting sales. Now with offices in California, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, we have the ability to serve your international marketing needs anywhere in the world.
  • 2 Recruit Experts

    We recruit top chefs in your target market (country or region) to discover new ways to use your product.
    Chefs Discover
  • 3 Strategize

    We then take their creative output and strategically position your commodity or branded product to the region's trades, potential buyers and end consumers.
    Selected Commodity


Our experience working with CCI was extremely positive. They are meticulously well organized and exceeded our expectations. They were able to generate excitement about using our commodity in new ways. We look forward to working with them again soon.
Adrián Rivera, President
Agrosistemas Integrados
Mexico City, Mexico
We’ve worked with CCI to conduct culinary competitions in several regions of Asia. They are very thorough and exceeded all of our public relations and marketing goals. We would highly recommend them to any U.S. commodity board wishing to increase exports to Asia.
Louis Ng, President
Louis Ng & Associates Limted
China and Hong Kong
We had the distinct honor to work with CCI in the U.K. on two different occasions. Not only did they organize a flawless competition, but they also orchestrated a brillant, spot on, public relations campaign that significantly increased our business. Well done CCI!
Trevor Reese
Compass Foods
Portsmouth, England, U.K